Eye clinic

Klinik für Augenheilkunde Eye Clinic Frankfurt Hoechst

The Eye Clinic Frankfurt Hoechst is one of a list of clinic centers belonging to the Klinikum Frankfurt Hoechst GmbH. In view of our location we are responsible to the city of Frankfurt for providing its community with a maximal degree of medical care and treatment.

The Eye Clinic Frankfurt Hoechst offers four operation theatres, 35 beds for inpatient treatment, a day-clinic for outpatient interventions and an extra outpatient clinic with facilities for all necessary daily appointments and examinations..

The Eye Clinic Frankfurt Hoechst is therefore among the largest non-university eye clinics here in Germany. Patients are either referred to us via their ophthalmologist for surgical interventions or further diagnostic examinations, or they come directly in as emergency cases.

For more information on the Eye Clinic Frankfurt Hoechst please refer to the website Klinikum Frankfurt Hoechst:

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